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Coaching Information

After gaining experience in motorsport since 2013, I will now be offering driver coaching, for drivers of all levels, from track days to professional motorsport.

This will be done through RCD Motorsport, A professional driver training and development business based in Sydney, Australia. RCD looks after novice drivers to track day enthusiasts to experienced racing car and kart drivers. A passion for people and cars, along with an extensive motorsport background, RCD Motorsport was founded to give back to the automotive community. Our aim is to pass on worldwide motorsport experience at the highest level to improve driver ability, technique and overall safety.

The services RCD Motorsport offers include:

- Advanced Driver Training

- Driver Analysis Reports

- Lotus Exige arrive and drive

- Race Weekend Support

- Corporate Experiences

For more information, please see info here:

Lachlan Mineeff Coaching CV

RCD Motorsport Services

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