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Coaching Information

After gaining experience in motorsport since 2013, I will now be offering driver coaching, for drivers of all levels, from track days to professional motorsport.

Coaching days are tailored to a driver’s experience and guidance will be given from a range of key areas including, but not limited to:

  • The Fundamentals of driving fast

  • How driver inputs influence a cars handling

  • Choosing the best racing line 

  • The importance of car setup and preparation

  • How to drive safely and consistently on track

  • Understanding how car setup changes a cars handling and balance

  • Managing tyres and tyre pressures 

Coaching will be tailored through a range of methods including:

  • Onboard camera analysis

  • Coaching from passenger’s seat (if applicable)

  • Telemetry from the car

  • Session debrief with track maps and review sheets

Being based in Sydney, NSW, coaching is available at any circuit in NSW with ease, and if required, interstate is possible also. Lachlan Mineeff Motorsport is GST registered and invoices can be provided if required. 

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